Sunday Painter Press

This collection of drawings is a manifestation of the weirdest things that happened to us during the first few weeks of 2016. We are artists, teachers, friends, family, adults, listeners, observers, scaredy-cats, freaks, popular, sincere, gorgeous, fine-looking, boring, funny, smart, scientists, walkers, travelers, curators, preparators, questionable, intense, liars, silly, empowered, feminists, skaters, normal, and weird. Each day, I asked a different person I know, “What is the weirdest thing that happened to you today?” I always asked the question after 6pm to ensure enough time for something weird to happen. I resisted explaining what I meant by “weird,” and I encouraged exploration of the definition. As the person explained their situation, I drew their story. Imagine the drawings as replacements for paragraphs. This is an experiment in visual explanation, and a test to see if pictures are really worth 1000 words. Each drawing was made on whatever portable drawing surface was closest to me, with whatever drawing instrument was closest to me – one drawing per day. I started with rules about who I would ask, when I would ask, where and how I would ask, and how I would draw, but several new rules emerged for myself throughout the process. The rules became very important as a structure for how I conducted the research, and they helped me have surprising interactions with the participants.